Let's play some guessing game?

I never thought this kind of maintained highway exists. Painted lines, but the absence of central marking means it’s effectively a single carriageway, single lane highway. This is in Yan, Kedah. First time discovering this, personally for me, is quite bizarre. Well, residential highways in newer housing estates have two lanes minimum.

Street level photos show Penang and Johor have this kind of road as well. Luckily this is obviously a highway=unclassified.

Some FELDA roads in Johor (with JKR reference codes) looks exactly just like this - from OpenStreetCam (Sepuluh Q drebar e-hailing kita).

Not unusual in Germany. Even tertiaries and secondaries of just less than 5 m wide have white lines on their sides, but no central line. Not considered a one-lane highway.

Well, considering some European cities might actually had busy roads with horse-drawn carriages from hundreds of years ago.

Local municipality saves paint, nature and money.

@AkuAnakTimur I thought of roads thru the country side, not villages/towns.

A lot of kampung roads are like this. Width is around 3.2 meters I think (from road resurfacing project signboard in Merchang - don’t know whether it is a JKR standard). The roads are too narrow to paint center line.

That’s very narrow indeed. But I’ve found roads in Thailand such narrow (or even less - it’s hard to find out when the plants are trying to grow over it) with a central line. So, actually two lines each wide enough for a bicycle or motorbike, but a car would require both lines (and I am sure it was not a two-lanes cycleway).

From angys

Guess where? Such a scenary beach.

This is not a guessing game, but consider a random encounter.

Seriously it made me intrigued. Google Maps has none, not even Street View - though if it’s available, I’m not going to CTRL+C, CTRL+V things :stuck_out_tongue:

I believe it is a mausoleum, but, yeah, if anyone has info about it, really: thanks in advance.

thats a swiftlet house for birdnest farming

kubur keramat der… tempat geng2 wali nak tawasul…:smiley:

Two persons pointed (or is that pressured) me about that. :wink:

Yeaaaa… :smiley:

Will the real Slim Shady please stand up The only winning move is not to play (guessing).