Let's add all kindergartens in Estonia


I’ve tried to create my first MapRoulette challenge which would allow us to add all, or at least most, kindergartens in Estonia.
Instructions came out kind of complex (select a task to view them). It’s not as easy as just adding them, you’ll need to search for additional information, so some knowledge of Estonian is required.


Let’s see if this format works and if anyone is interested.

I’ve already added (hopefully) all public schools in Estonia.


Cool, let me know if you need any help! (I am the project lead for MapRoulette)


Edit: let’s keep kindergartners and pharmacies separate and discuss how to improve data about pharmacies here:

If this kind of format works then there is Ravimiameti tegevuslubade register that lists every pharmacy:

Currently it looks like almost 100 pharmacies are missing from OSM.
I assume there are no licensing issues with this kind of public data: