Legal status of cycle shoulder

Hi everyone. I’m looking for some assistance in finding the legal status of the cycling infra pictured below on Mallorca.

Can you drive a car here? Park a car? Can you walk here? Are there any other restrictions or rules applied to this area?

Thank you in advance for any information.

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Buenos días.

La señal circular junto al carril de la derecha (coloreado de rojo) indica que es obligatorio para conductores de ciclos circular por ese carril y que está prohibido usarlo a los demás usuarios de la vía (más detalles).

I think we are in front of a case of, as we call in Spanish, chapuza gorda.

As this was done, the sign should affect all the road, but is clear that that was not the intention of those who installed it. It affects only the “shoulder”. I place shoulder in quotes because this is not a shoulder, but a bike lane, so no driving, parking and etc… It’s only for bikes.

They were so kind, as many cycle lanes here are too, to paint or mix a different color into the bitumen to clarify the lane truly has a different function.

From having mapped many a road with fresh asphalt and lining, a solid_line really means a solid line… Do not go there in your 4 wheels! Only where allowed to cross lines they are briefly changed to dashed, at least here. Respected? Not in your dreams. The lesser bright and egocentric park on it and force the cyclist to perform a dangerous change over into where cars race by, hoping they’re not pre-occupied with their mobile. If I had a hammer… but that’s not allowed.

Thank you for all the information!

Is this a unidirectional cycle lane? The arrows indicate unidirectional, but…

I noticed all cyclists in the other direction were on the other side of the road, but there is no lane there, only a regular shoulder.

Also, when I entered the shoulder lane, I came from a bidirectional cycleway, which made me wonder if it was uni- or bidirectional.

Sí, es un carril unidireccional. El sentido de circulación es el que indica la flecha.

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R-407 a. Vía reservada para ciclos o vía ciclista. Obligación para los conductores de ciclos de circular por la vía a cuya entrada esté situada y prohibición a los demás usuarios de la vía de utilizarla (BOE-A-2003-23514 Real Decreto 1428/2003, de 21 de noviembre, por el que se aprueba el Reglamento General de Circulación para la aplicación y desarrollo del texto articulado de la Ley sobre tráfico, circulación de vehículos a motor y seguridad vial, aprobado por el Real Decreto Legislativo 339/1990, de 2 de marzo. Artículo 155. Señales de obligación).
You are not allowed to walk there, therefore foot=yes is wrong on Way: 34876109 | OpenStreetMap.

Thank you for the additional information!