Legal-ish issue

Sorry for this post title - it may not be clear enough.

So I found pictures in social media network group - TBH it is on Facebook. I recognise several geographical features and POIs (without coordinates) but I knew where actually they are (sort of - local knowledge).

I do not know their names actually but those pictures gives description of them. So I want to put those on OSM.

My question is, but is it really fine to be put into OSM? How do I attribute them?

I understand that no personal informations should be on OSM. Any workarounds?

If you can read the names of the POIs from e.g. sign boards shown on the photos, I think there is no problem.

Ini soalan cepu emas ni… :smiley:

Orang lain selamba aje ambik dari Big Brother gogal secara diam-diam, aku yang nak tolong cantikkan alignment dan correction berbagai pun jadi serba salah. Maklumlah, berjam2 jugak aku perbetulkan tracing gunakan JOSM validation, entah2 nanti habis semua kena delete oleh “org besar osm” sebab original user ciplak orang lain punya peta. :confused: ngabihkan boreh yo…

Apa2 pun kalau turun sini, mesej2 le, kita gi ngeteh. InsyaAllah nanti aku ajak miezamd sekali.

@kucai: Do you mean the Johor Baru highways mentioned in when you talk about the deletion by the “Big OSM Organisation”? (hope I got your message correctly, I hardly understand Malay “forum” language, in contrast to official Bahasa Indonesia)
Well, tracing from Google is too problematic; not getting an answer from Google when you ask them does not mean that they grant you a license to do so.
Bad that you had to loose a lot of work when correcting those data.


my lips remain sealed! :smiley:

Those malay forum language is purposely used to obscure meaning to third parties while getting the message (hopefully) to the recipients as intended. haha.

I am always concerned that OSM will do the big ‘purge’ again, perhaps this time against Google sourced edits etc… I do spend quite a lot of time within an area just to correct mistakes and stuff, and to see all those improvement works potentially deleted pains me. I just wished that the mappers put their heart into the mapping effort. Those certain people are trying to cover a lot of areas quickly, but using the wrong tool in using ID editor instead of JOSM. Hence, you can see traces going all over the place, and without JOSM validation module, errors too.

Oh well… good day to you all. :sunglasses:

Bernhard: So how do I put in for the source? “Photo from Internet” does not sound right - at least for me :D.

Brader Kucai: Nasiblah… tu lah pelik. Pelik sangat sebab tahu habis segala nama jalan. Duduk Alor Setar yang kecil tu pun belum tentu tahu SEMUA nama jalan kat SEMUA ceruk pekan kecil tu! Mustahil la, lain la kalau kerja posmen atau despatch… :wink: :wink: :wink: - mode berbaik sangka (padahal tahu je).

Well, true, I do not add the “source” tag often; typically only a comment on the changeset like “area xy, traced from Bing”.

Getting all the road names is a lot of work, if there are no “legal” sources to draw from. Walking thru a small town (by the way, I’ve been to Alor Setar last December) and taking photographs of all road name signs is a tedious job (and when it comes to house numbers, things become even more terrible).

Fair enough.

No legal sources at the moment :confused: , so a mapping party on foot would be super.

Contingency plan - remote survey. Trying to use my Facebook account - “advertising” OSM to my friends. I am hoping at least they would put a note on OSM as instructed. Hopefully not at the wrong time - FIFA World Cup? LOL.

It is very annoying when one has to rely on physical signboards (or signposts), post boxes or even reverse geo-search (addresses). Worse if the signboards were being vandalised to the point it is worth for the scrap metals. :frowning: Sometimes, they were put in an inconvenient angle of view - no photos available. :frowning:

Well, “sikit-sikit lama-lama jadi bukit” then.

Sorry to bump an old thread.

If I take photos / video and later update OSM, do I have to keep the photos / videos as evidence?
They take up too much space and may become corrupted due to bit rot or whatever over time.

It’s okay - no need to apologise! :smiley:

It is completely up to you. As long as you contributed to OSM in the appropriate way, you can delete them and make space for updates in the future.

Some even use paper maps derived from Walking Paper. What else to do after someone’s done with it? Most probably it would go into the (recycle) bins. [EDIT] Not really. Sometimes after surveys, some would scan and upload it back into the website.

Optional: it is better if you could upload a copy into Flickr etc, put GPS coordinates into them etc… Bernhard Hiller did that - he has the advantage of unlimited broadband usage cap in Germany perhaps? :wink:

It is not at all necessary to keep your photos / videos as a proof. Even if you upload your photos to some place in the web: who will discover them? There are too many different places.
But you could upload your GPS traces to OpenStreetMap and make them publicly available: that will help other mappers correctly align the imagery.

Well, true, here I get 32 MBit/s downlink and 2 MBit/s uplink. But there are still many villages nearby where you won’t get even 1 Mbit/s uplink at all…

The tropical climate seems to be very bad for your computer. Are there some ant-roads along your computer’s wires? :smiley:

I do upload the traces fearing that the work I did get deleted due to being suspect of copying.

Maybe it’s the power lines that’s once in a while unstable. Blackouts can be common depending on area of residence, thankfully my area is quite ok for quite a long time now.
It also depends on how long the data is kept and many other variables. :slight_smile: