Left/Right turn issue with AndNav2/OSM/ORS

I’m not sure if I’m reporting this to the right people, because this could be an issue with the Open Route Service. Basically, when I get to the roundabout junction, heading North West on High Street, turning left down Delph New Road, AndNav2 on a G1 tells me ‘half right in 200 meters’.


I’ve only recently found out about the OSM project and think it’s an excellent idea, so I’ve been starting to map out my different commute routes, in time I’ll try to get all the villages in between mapped and my home village mapped too. I’ve been mostly using Merkaartor to make edits and adjustments, making traces with a G1.

When I found the junction in question it had already been added by somebody else but had been added wrong. Delph New Road actually used to do a sharp right on the roundabout then come back over on itself, as if somebody had accidently caught a node and dragged it to the other side of the roundabout. This would explain the ‘half right’ instead of ‘half left’. However, when I make changes to any road, I re-navigate the route the next day to make sure my changes are accurate. Normally things work well. The map data in the cache on my G1 is cleared every day. The road shows up as it should on my G1 (appearing exactly the same as the link) but AndNav2 (with an ORS supplied route) tells me it’s a right turn.

I thought this could have been a delay with the OSM and ORS, as if the ORS pulled a fresh set of maps from OSM every couple of days rather than right away; that’s assuming ORS uses maps offline from OSM, which, considering the bandwidth implications of downloading a route on each route request, seems the most sensible way to do things. But I made the changes at least last week - long enough for me to forget which day; it even could have been the week before.

Is this normal behaviour, or have I ruined the map with my changes and about to be banished to the far corner of the Internet?

Thanks for reading my exhaustive post,