leasure=pitch & sport=... icons


As it is written in the Map Features, if an area is marked as leasure=pitch and the sports tage is set (e.g. sport=basketball), then the icon of the sport should be displayed on that area. However I found that if there’s a single node with the sport=… tag, the icon is displayed. If there’s an area with leasure=pitch and sport=…, then there’s no icon (at least not on the rendered map on the main site, nor in JOSM).

Is this the intended behaviour? Because if an area is marked for parking, for example, then the big P is displayed in the middle of the area, and that would be the behaviour I’d expect with the sports as well.

Or the problem is that there’s no suitable icon (maybe need SVG one for scaling?) to do that?

It would be great if you could provide a link so we can see for ourself.

All the tools in Openstreetmap are very unconnected, so because it says some thing in one end doesn’t mean the other end will have it directly.