Latitude/Longitude coordinates are correct, but wrong streetname

I am new here and have a question.
I see in OSM a location where the coordinates are correct but a wrong street name is linked.
These are the coordinates Latitude: 52.438695, Longitude: 6.841293 and it is linked to the Hooidijk in Vasse.
The street name is wrong, this should be Oosteriksweg in Mander.
Where can I pass on this kind of data?

Thank you in advance, Herman

So you are referring to this way?

Why do you think that it is “it is linked to the Hooidijk in Vasse”?

Tell us the steps how you get that result, please.

When I do right-click on that parking lot there on and choose “show address”, I always get Oosteriksweg as result.

Sorry for the late response. I was at looking for a Tutenberg route to walk
and saw that the start address was incorrect, so sent a notification to Visit Twente. This is what I got in reply:

Scherp opgemerkt. Ik zie het - en ik kan er niets aan veranderen.
Dit is systeeminformatie waar wij geen invloed op hebben.
De ‘fout’ ligt in dit geval aan de data in de ondergrond (OpenStreetMap).

As I have no experience with OSM but asked a question here on the OSM forum.
Later I had a closer look and saw that the route and data were correctly mapped.
Could it be that there are different versions of OSM being used?

In principle it is possible that different versions of OSM data are in use. Changes made by mappers are reflected in OSM data immediately, but most applications do not continuously update their data. However from a quick look at this area, I did not spot any obvious recent changes that are relevant to this issue. I would guess that is not the problem in this case.

It looks like the address being shown is the nearest object in OSM that has a mapped address, which happens to be the house at 33 Hooidijk.

I don’t know how that address is being calculated by that website. The OSM Nominatim tool is certainly capable of returning Oosteriksweg as the address of this latitude/longitude, as this example shows:

So it seems it may not be an issue with the underlying data, but rather with the way that data is interpreted to calculate addresses.

Thanks for your answer. It’s clear for me now.