Latest OSM Europe continent database indexing taking too much time

Hello Team,
I am using overpass docker image(Docker) to launch the overpass docker service for Europe continent and the plant URL I am using is which is latest up to date.
It took more than 48 hours to do indexing and still doing indexing. Find the below docker command to start the overpass docker and EC2 hardware config.
I have given diff url to update every 30 days in environment variables.
My question is when I am starting the docker image it will start with latest europe continent database but when I see the logs it is considering the updates also and start doing indexing( I see update 30 days interval). Screenshot of last few lines of latest logs

Docker command:
cmd = " “.join(
“–restart=always”, # starts docker after system reboot
“–log-driver json-file”,
“–log-opt max-size=10m”,
“–log-opt max-file=3”,
“OVERPASS_RULES_LOAD=10”, # infinite areas update process. Ex: 0-always run, 5-run 5% of the time…
f"OVERPASS_DIFF_URL={self._updates_url}“, # Index of /europe-updates
f"OVERPASS_UPDATE_SLEEP={3600 * 24 * 30}”, # update every 30 days
EC2 config:
Instance Size: i4i.2xlarge
vCPU: 64
Instance Storage (GB): 1 x 1,875 AWS Nitro SSD
Network Bandwidth (Gbps): Up to 12
EBS Bandwidth (Gbps): Up to 10

After very long time the status of docker is unhealth and the last log statements are

No idea why it got failed

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  • vCPU=8
  • Memory=64Gb