lat/lon conversion to x/y-coordinates


I have a openstreetmap image.
left upper corner is lat: 80 lon: -169
and right lower corner is lat:-56 lon: 190
The image has the width: 2618 and the height: 1513

How do I convert given lat/lon-coordinates to the pictures x/y-coordinates?

I tried it by myself, but couldn’t figure out how to convert the coordinates.

I hope someone can answer my question.


maybe this link will help you



thanks, I can now determine the x-y coordinate in a tile image,
but it is not that precise

I know the left upper corners lat/lon and the right lower lat/lon of the tile image and the positions lat/lon,
but how can i now determine the correct x-y coordinate of a position in that tile image?

This Link helped me out: