Large upload needed

I have a large .osm file (300MB) which I created using public data and a homemade script. I can just barely open it in JOSM on my computer (it takes about 20 minutes to load, and then is too way slow to edit reasonably). JOSM gives no errors when I do this, and the data looks as expected, so I think my .osm file is error free.

Can someone give me instructions about the best way to upload this, seeing how JOSM is impractical for this purpose? I also tried, but it grabs all my memory and swap space and the system freezes.

I could also send the file to someone (~35MB bzipped) and they could upload it, if they think they can do it better than me.

BEFORE you upload so much data at once you really have to pay attention to the import guidelines of OSM!

See for details! Read that stuff carefully.

So best way is also that some OSM experts have a look at your data before.