Large amount of invalid relations

I’ve been trying to gather some relation data through XAPI and the output contains many problematic relations[type=restriction] created by specific user. See example: no via point, ways have no roles. Is it possible to batch remove those? I see no way to guess the correct ways’ roles, and therefore no way to automatically correct the relations.
Those invalid restriction relations are put in my query output even though they’re outside of the bounding box. It looks like the XAPI is pointing our attention to them, although I don’t see the description of this behavior in the wiki. So my guess is that they must be corrected when possible or deleted as thrash.

Did you contact the user already? The best option to retain this data in OSM, is if the user that added them can correct them.

I just sent him a message with the list of relations in question (total 60). He was last active 2 months ago though.

Let’s wait and see if you can prod him back to OSM-life, before you go around deleting data. :slight_smile: