Language in openstreetmap and process of decision

Sorry, newbee here,
I had read that local language should be used in openstreetmap.
I do not understand why Philadelphi corridor in Rafa, Gaza, Palestine is marked in Hebrew
ציר פילדלפי
not in arabic محور فيلادلفيا
Why is it marked military zone? Danger zone? Who decides to make and keep these edits
What are the “tunnel areas” doing in the south of Rafah?
then some streets names appear in English ?
Thank you for your help,

Yeah, you’re right in general. I can’t judge in this specific area though.

  • name= should reflect the local language
  • name:en= can be used to specify the same in english language
  • name:de= can be used to specify the same in german language
  • there are many other suffixes for the language

It then depends then on the map renderer which language(es) to show on the map.

Which map are you referring to?

I also saw that a user changed some names like for this one Way: ‪موراج‬ (‪41315741‬) | OpenStreetMap two days ago and the changes did not yet show up in all zoom levels. Maybe another cause of irritation?

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Thank for the answer.
The feature appear here :

on the standard layer
Does this answer your question?
thanks again

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I am replying to myself as I am not sure what to do.
Should I go ahead and replace English and Hebrew names by Arabic ones in name= and if needed add name:en= ?

It looks like @Friendly_Ghost has deleted the object in question anyway - so perhaps no longer an issue?

Thank you for the answer and for the remark.
Despite reloading I still had the same map worked though.
I now see the edits.

My question remains for English names on streets. Shouldn’t they be in Arabic? (It is a real question, I do not know the answer)
If so should I replace them?
Thank-you again

As noted earlier:

and from the name Wiki page:

So if you feel that the Arabic name is most suited based on the above criteria then, yes, it probably should be.

However, it’s also worth bearing in mind:

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Hi. Yes, I deleted some military landuse in Gaza. The relevant changeset discussion can be found here: Changeset: 150279661 | OpenStreetMap

Second discussion: Changeset: 151384374 | OpenStreetMap