Language and location based content and categories

Communities will have to see what’s working best for them, some might decide a language-based category works better to unify help and support in a given language.

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If the language can’t be guessed that way, the browser agent notifies the favorite language(s) of the user.

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Did I understand it correctly - language is not a criteria for where it’s welcome to post something?

So, it’s ok to post in languages other than English in the international part of the platform, such as "Help and support” or “This Site Feedback”. Or is it better to do this in language/country-specific categories?

I hope, that is not the last word on this subject. I conspicuously parenthesized the “not”, to make the proposition make sense, for me. This would make all the hooray on machine translation and one single community moot.

I consider the local chapters do great work, which, at least in my areas, I can very much identify with. I am not so certain though, that the organisation of the categories here should mirror the organisation of the chapters there. To the opposite, this prevents fertile communication, in my personal view. Actually, I think, the less categories, the better for the experiment. Power to the users! Give them filters, so they can do their own sorting, of what is of interest for them, while keeping an eye to expand the horizons.

Browsing this board, I already noticed efforts to use this to “unify” aspects, that regionally differ. I do not condone this. This forum, just like the old forum, is not the community, at least not yet, however the participants here and there want make believe.

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I asked this question (post 103), because I am not quite sure if it’s welcome to post in my native language on the platforms international sections, where communication is mainly in English. Especially as the automatic translation option isn’t available yet.

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I’d say it is welcome, even without automatic translation set up. As far as I have been following the various categories discussions, it looks like there will be primarily region-based categories and languages will rather be tags (if necessary at all).

Besides, by the way, it looks like there is auto-translation integrated into Google Chrome which works well for any website anyway and thats the browser that about two thirds of users worldwide are using. So, I see the subject less about the ability to understand each other at all but more about users feeling welcome/comfortable/at home and for that, it is important to convey that it’s completely fine to post in any language you feel comfortable in.


I’d certainly encourage people to post in whatever language they feel comfortable with (and I’ve said that in the past about the old help site, and elsewhere too). It’s a shame that there isn’t yet an on-site automatic translation option, and that the site appears incompatible with standard options such as “Google Translate” of regular links, but we shouldn’t let that prevent people from posting whatever, wherever, in their own language.


Country-based categories will be migrated from the old forums. Also communities will be able to request a language-based space if they need to. See the reference on the decision made.

Thanks for all replies! I have seen, the automatic translation option moves forward - it would be great to realize it!