Landuse vs Vegetation vs Landcover proposed cleanup at wiki

I’m sorry for Engrish.

We have highly inconsistent content at wiki at feature pages. Inconsistency is not limited to landuse=wood/natural=forest. Another example is landuse=meadow (Landuse, Vegetation, Landcover).

We should think about organize content without collisions.

I suggest to use (at least temporary) new, broader group in Features that will contain all *=wood features. So end users can access single group instead of having troubles where natural=forest belongs to.

Discussion at wiki is here. Please spread/translate this info.

Ich denke auch, wir kommen um eine grundlegende Diskussion über landuse nicht herum. Andererseits ist die Diskussionsseite auf die hier verwiesen wird, so verworren, dass ich da kaum Lust verspüre mich zu beteiligen.