landuse overlapping: winter_sports x meadow

Hello, I repair landuse in my home area, fill holes and remove overlaps, create multipolygons.

  1. There are meadow polygons imported from some database landuse=meadow
  2. There was some simple polygon landuse=winter_sports with name= of the Ski areal. The winter_sports polygon was very damaged and divided into many little polygons. I think it was caused by some automatical removal of intersections. I repaired it by creating a winter_sports multipolygon overlapping the meadows.
    Is such landuse overlapping allowed? The winter_sports polygon is wrongly representated in OsmAnd android app and I wonder that it’s wrong then.
    The area is meadow with free acces in summer and winter_sports (pistes) for few months in winter. Should I keep the meadows and mark the ski areal name with some point object or replace meadows with winter_sports polygon? Piste routes are present.

landuse=meadow implies that the area is used for grazing. That is a summer activity. landuse=winter_sports is a winter activity. So I guess having areas tagged with landuse=meadow;winter_sports could be used.

However, I suspect that most landuse=meadow really ought to be tagged as landcover=grassland

I much prefer separating the tagging of what we see on the ground from what humans are using the land for. The classic case is landcover=trees vs landuse=forest. A forest is an area where trees are being harvested for various products while large tracts of trees may exist elsewhere like in a national park. And one can often tell what the landcover is from satellite imagery (trees, grassland, etc.) while one cannot necessarily tell if the grassland is used for grazing or the trees are being grown for wood products without a ground survey. And sometimes you can’t even tell by visit to the area. But you can tell if it is grassland, etc. and we are supposed to map things that are verifiable.

I would really discourage the above suggested concatenated tag landuse=meadow;winter_sports. This is a virtual guarantee that the majority of downstream applications making use of OpenStreetMap data, cannot do anything with this tag.

This is a situation that you will have to compromise a bit. For some reason, the people writing down the tagging for winter sports, decided to favour landuse=winter_sports over the more logical leisure=winter_sports, which would have been more in line with other sports tagging like leisure=golf_course. I have no idea why this decision was made, but as a consequence, you can indeed no longer use the landuse=x tag properly on the same area.

So the compromise is the natural=grassland tag. Yes, I know the landuse=meadow tag may be more appropriate, but on the other hand, if it is a skiing area, the actual area of the pistes are likely to be very steep and really marginal land. This is in reality probably even closer to “natural=grassland” than “landuse=meadow”, as the latter tag suggests active collection and use of the mown grasses e.g. as livestock fodder, while I suspect quite a lot of (steep) ski pistes are just mown to keep the trees out, but no collection of mown grasses may take place. I may be wrong here though, I don’t live in a country having ski pistes…

Anyway, I have now changed the tagging of the area you pointed out accordingly. I have also greatly simplified the tagging by dropping the unnecessary one relation member multipolygons for the “inner” forest areas by simply tagging landuse=forest on the inner way members of the multipolygon of the ski area. I also dropped two existing tiny incorrectly tagged natural=grassland features, that seemed to indicate areas where a pylon of the ski lifts/aerialway stood, based on the Bing imagery.

The ski area itself now carries the landuse=winters_sports and natural=grassland tag, with the additonal advantage that the name of the area is rendered from the “natural” tag. See here:

Thank you both for your ideas.

The meadows are really used for grazing, it can be seen on the aerial photos. The slopes are middle steep, not too much. The original meadow polygons were imported from an official czech agricultural database and were true. I filled holes between them as natural=grassland. Then I cut all of these polygons inside the ski area and tagged with landuse=winter_sports, but kept the inner structure of original polygons and tagged all of them with landcover=grass.

OSM inspector marked these neighbouring polygons with same tag as error and user Milancer deleted all the inner structure.

Than you mboeringa corrected the forest and make the whole area as grassland. The inner structure is lost but I think the final solution is good.

I absolutely agree that leisure=winter_sports would solve this best. Then the inner structure could be kept because landuse=meadow makrs the grazed area and natural=grassland the unkept grass.

I’m going to look to some switzerland pistes to get some inspiration for further solutions because ski pistes are usually grazed in summer.

Many thanks for help.