Land register for Wallonie turned CC

Hi all,
I’ve read on the walonmap website (news dated from August 21st 2018, see also that the land register for Wallonie turned open data (although they do not explicitly say which form of CC they rely on). I guess that you must already be aware of that, and I was wondering (if applicable) whether some form of import was planned. As far as I can see there is at least a vector layer for building footprints, a data which is still very incomplete in the OSM database for parts of that region.

Two questions:

  1. Is the quality of the data good enough?
  2. Is the data within license so it can be used?

If both answers are positive, you still have to figure out how to properly do the import without overlapping, or throwing away existing info within OSM.

In the long run, it’s rarely worth the effort, unless there’d be enormous chunks of land where data is missing.
This does not seem something you can easily perform a good quality mechanical edit for.

For the question about possible import of cadastre (land register) data in Wallonia, the answer is simple : no. The data is out of date pretty much everywhere, and is not maintained except for the parcels and administrative boundaries.

The land register in Belgium (not only in Wallonia) is only the authentic source of administrative boundaries (so it is the reference for that), but only that (and the parcels logically as they are linked to the boundaries) ! For buildings, the authentic source is the PICC in Wallonia and for roads it is the SPW road department/PICC (sort of association from my understanding), and addresses is in ICAR project.

For data quality, I would vastly prefer to continue drawing from the imagery and PICC background while we wait for the PICC release in open data. OSM is probably often better than the cadastre data for buildings and roads (even in Wallonia). It will also facilitate the probable future process of importing some picc data if there is no “bad buildings geometry” coming from the cadastre.

For the license, i didn’t look at it, so i don’t know.