Lake within a Forest

Hi, I am new to OpenStreetMap editing but would like to improve my local forestry areas. I have tried the same edits within the browser editor and JOSM but cannot figure out how to correct them. I have 2 issues.
#1 - A large Way marked with landuse = forest however it has a reservoir within it where I can see forest behind the reservoir. When I zoom in on my Garmin the Reservoir disappears. I know I should somehow untag the Way, Landuse tag but don’t know how I retag that area as forest. I realise that I could also delete it and redraw around the forest around the reservoir but don’t want to upset whoever did this in the first place either. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

#2 - A have added a number of gravel tracks to the lower left section of the map however when I am not in edit mode and I zoom in on my browser a significant section just dissappears. Any suggestions how I make sure all the tracks are displayed at the same zoom level?

If it were at all possible you can find the area by searching for ‘Ballyboley Forest Antrim’ and you can see the reservoir ‘Killylane’ and tracks on the bottom left.

I am really keen to add some local details for long distance running.


Without permalinks to the features that you are referring to, it is difficult to say whether there is anything wrong in your mapping; it may just be an issue with the tool chain used to create the Garmin maps.

Your issue of variation with zoom level is typically the result of not waiting for the tiles to update at every zoom level and/or caching of the tiles in the browser.

Also note that the slippy maps provided at are there as an aid to people contributing to the map database; the standard layer is not optimised for any other end user use, although some of the other layers may be optimised for specific uses.

#1 - such a situation can be mapped with a multipolygon (which is not easy for beginners).
#2 - there may still be old “tiles” somewhere in the cache. The server will render the tiles somewhen freshly, and that rendering process does not happen at the same time for all zoom levels. Some old tiles might also exist in your browser cache.

Thanks so much to both of you replying and giving such useful information.

I can see that the forest is now marked as a multipolygon and the lake is now visible when I create my Garmin map. I am not sure if one of you did this or I did it during my changes/additions to forestry tracks but I have learned quite a bit over the last few days and hope I can add some useful stuff now.

thanks again.