Lake shape wrong in rendering

The original outline for Lake Champlain was using a single way. When I tried to add more detail, I ran in to the node limit, so I broke it up in to multiple ways. Now, the renderings on (both mapnik and osmarender) are wrong in two locations:

What did I do wrong? I originally assumed it would take some time to update perhaps, but it has been a few weeks. It looks fine in josm, and navit. It’s a major lake in the US, so I’d like to get it fixed.


The problem was that the outer members were not forming a single ring, but they formed 3 slightly overlapping polygons. I have split the ways where they crossed the lake, and removed those sections. There was also a second multipolygon relation for the southern part of the lake, which was neither correct, nor needed, and which I’ve removed.

Thank you! I guess the advice I received on how do this was a little off.