Lake not drawing as lake in OSMand

I need help with a lake that is not showing up as a lake in OSMand and other apps. Lake Dubay to the south of Mosinee, WI is not displaying as a lake in apps. It only shows as a blue line for the Wisconsin River. How does one go about getting the lake border with land to show up as a big lake?

If you mean, although there are some anomalies in the tagging, it seems to be tagged in a way that should render as water, so I think you need to contact the maintainers of OSMand. I couldn’t find contact details on their sight, even thought the FAQ mentions contacting “support”. My guess is that it can’t render relations.

The tagging anomalies are that the landuse=reservoir is deprecated, and the correct replacement is: natural=water; water=reservoir, not natural=water; water=lake.

Please do not modify it to make it display correctly on OSMand; get that fixed, instead.

Thank you very much! I figured something with the tagging was incorrect, however being new here, i didnt quite know what to look for. I will follow your suggestion and see where that gets.

OsmAnd maintainers often can be found here -

Hi, I’m afraid there are a whole lot of errors in this multipolygon. The problem is with how the components of the multipolygon are described, within and without of the relation.
Also and with respect and having regard to the Bing images, it looks like the area is not very well drawn. There are areas of lake with well established trees growing. Also parts of islands in the water.

Some problems I see with the tagging are :-
Some of the outer sections are tagged outside the relation as waterway=river.
Some of the island outlines are tagged as waterway=river.
Some of the island outlines have not been described with tags at all, and are not included in the multipolygon.
A great many of the islands are not indicated as inner areas, (hence these all get rendered as part of the lake and all are labelled with the lake name).
The landuse tag (in the relation) is the biggest mistake, the lake is made of water not land.

I am not local to the area but I could rectify the problems leaving the outlines of the areas as presently drawn?

Although landuse=reservoir is deprecated, it is quite heavily used in the wild, and, in fact, you can’t deprecate something that isn’t being used. I would expect any serious renderer to support this tag as a water feature. In any case, the natural=water doesn’t conflict with respect to rendering, and ought to produce water type rendering on its own.

In the normal English sense of the word, I think the land in landuse is more like in legal property than a reference to its physical nature; in physical terms it applies to the land underneath the water; The land is being used to contain water, and is a use by humans, not the natural state.

I didn’t look into the individual members, but whilst the tagging of the outer ways and the mis-tagging of the inner ones is wrong, I wouldn’t expect it to produce the symptoms described in the original question, and it doesn’t do so in any of the five layers provided on the main map page.