Lack of calibration in editors (Potlatch, ID etc.)

JOSM has a calibration function of images, but how in other editors?

For example in my home town (Arboga, Sweden) all buildings in the central part of the town, had a position error of abt 5 meters. I have now corrected all the building positions (with JOSM with a calibrated bing image). But if I open same area Potlatch it looks like every building is placed little wrong.

And how about the ID editor? Same problem?
And other editors. Do people calibrate their images?

What to do when this happen?

When some calibrate and othes don’t, and then moving same objects back and forth.

If you know the offset is wrong, you can move the background in both Potlatch and iD.

By “calibrated” presumably you mean “support for the imagery offset database” - ?

Yes. I know this, but do casual osm editors know this?