I would like to use your maps in a hobby project I have and I was wondering if it is possible to remove labels from the map I have exported from yourself.

I need the background, paths, roads and buildings, but none of the labels - otherwise my map is going to be very messy.

is this possible and if so what software do I need ?



Look at Leaflet: … h-leaflet/

Essentially, you’ll need to find or create a map style that doesn’t have labels in it, and create map tiles or a map image using that.

There are a few OSM style projects listed at , and you can search gihub for things that appear to be carto styles: .

I don’t, off the top of my head, know of an example map style that you could use. Perhaps have a look for a “multilingual” one, since these sometimes work by not displaying the text on the main map tiles but instead as an overlay?

If you’re just looking for a map image than mapybe might be an option?

if you are able to build maps with mkgmap, you can use different styles consisting of files like lines,points, polygons…
if you delete in such a style the “point” file, I think that should do what you want.

Try a search on for “without labels” …

There are some hints, I think.

Thanks all.

Lots of options for me to consider.