Läänemaa maptool for tourists

Läänemaa came out with new map tool: https://laanerada.ee/

Could be helpful to maybe use data from there. But there is a catch! The is no offical license seen for map data. Furthermore the map is using Google map for base.

If Läänemaa gives permission to use the map data for OSM but the map has Google base map, would that still violate OSM TOS about using proprietary map data?

If the owner of the website provides compatible license or explicit permission, then it doesn’t matter what basemap it uses. You could even use the .json files directly the get the POIs. For example, here are the cafe/restaurant data from https://laanerada.ee/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php?action=get_object_set&category_set%5B%5D=250&category_set%5B%5D=235

in tabular view:

post_title lat lng viide
Aablu Resort & Resto 58.9576448 23.5266003 https://aablu.ee/
Altmõisa kohvik 58.815191 23.553797 http://www.altmoisa.ee/
Beguta Taimetoidukohvik 58.9465345 23.5353833 https://www.visithaapsalu.com/objekt/beguta-taimetoidukohvik/
Cafe Micio 58.9462971 23.5359592 Cafe Micio-Haapsalu
Cafe Tallinn 58.93665490000001 23.57143749999999 http://cafetallinn.ee/
City Cafe Haapsalu 58.9406149 23.542162 City Cafe