'L' shown on map (in QMapShack) for Points / POIs with blank names

What can I do about this apart from cut out name stuff in the points file?

The photo link is dead. Maybe put it in your Dropbox?

There are hundreds of places (towns, hamlets, etc,) that have a node but no name. These were put on OSM by well meaning mappers who did not have the name data but wanted to put a node on the map as a kind of alert so that someone would notice them and eventually get the name and update the tag. This practice was discouraged by some of us but the un-named places remain. I suspect the funny icons you’re seeing are the result this practice. My Garmin unit displays them as a tiny black dot, yours may display them differently.

Yeh, no problem with unnamed nodes - just don’t want the ‘L’. Blank is fine - and most POIs don’t have the option in the points file anyway + I’m syncing the points and TYP file up better so there should still be an icon for more of these points.

Just don’t know how the ‘L’ is getting into things!

Do you have a rule to deal with “places” that have no names? Garmin will assign a sometimes meaningless code and icon to certain POIs if they aren’t covered in your points style sheet.

Here’s one of mine that displays “Unnamed Place” when none of those three name tags is present on the node

(place=village | place=hamlet) & (name:en!=* & name!=* & int_name!=*) [0x0c00 resolution 24 default_name “Unnamed Place”]

The 0x0c icon is a smallish 6-pixel green dot which shows the node with the text “Unnamed Place” next to it. This might work for you to get rid of the "L"s on your unit.


PS: Just saw your photos - let me take a look at the tagging before I comment further

Where is BAN RA BUE? Can you supply coordinates?


I’m using the generic new style and typ from here: https://github.com/ligfietser/mkgmap-style-sheets

Hell, disregard my previous reply. I made it before I saw the pics or the actual data.

There’s nothing there I can see that would cause that “L” to appear. It might be time to ask in the Garmin Forum if you haven’t already. Lots of expertise resides there and besides, they wrote the styles you’re using.

Maybe a bug in Qmapshack? Those "L"s don’t appear on the new generic styles Thailand map from garmin.openstreetmap.nl viewed in Mapsource/Basecamp.

Haha, I was confused. I thought this conversation was happening in the Thailand Forum - obviously it’s getting past my bedtime!

Thanks for responses. Yes, I wondered if it might be a QMapShack thing. I will have to get hold of an actual Garmin and see. Or work out how to make a Basecamp installer…

You dont need to make a Basecamp installer, Basecamp can read the img from either micro SD card, virtual disk, USB stick or GPS drive (and only when the img is stored in a folder named Garmin).

On a Mac? OK, will try.

EDIT: Yep, no L in Basecamp. Thanks.