Kunduz hospital...

(EDIT: incorrect, not the MSF hospital, see below in next post): I couldn’t help noticing Kunduz hospital is already 4 years tagged on OpenStreetMap…:

On Google Maps, there is just a pinkish area that may or may not signify something with a public function:

On HERE Maps, Kunduz essentially doesn’t exist at all, except place name and the thoroughfares…:

At least, I assume this is the complex… I think I read there was only one real medical facility in Kunduz. The elongated buildings in OSM seem to match the pictures of the bombed out buildings…

Well, it now appears the MSF hospital is actually in a different location about 700 meters north of the node tagged Shifa Khana-I-Dusad Bistar hospital. Tagged by user jgc today on OpenStreetMap:


Looking at the NY Times graphics from the link jgc included with the correct node, it appears the other complex is the central hospital (Seh Darak in one of the graphics):