Komuter Station

Someone can add the website for each komuter station?(And PLEASE** DONT DELETE ANYTHING**)


Thanks for your efforts. Unfortunately that is not the official website for the stations. OSM website tag is for official websites only: please refer http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Key:website

A story…

I asked these folks for the coordinates of the railways tracks (shapefiles or whatever where we can extract the coordinates) and guess what? The person said those information is protected something2 with construction company.

And I was like… reaallly? :confused:

What… this is not good. At least you received a reply. I have tried reaching MRTMalaysia through e-mail last June… no reply. Then attempted to reach via Facebook. My message was seen but no replies. :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

Same old story… at least we tried. :confused:

this is a matter of national security.
do you know what will happen if the underground mrt
line map falls into the wrong hands…

there are laws in the country regarding field survey and mapping,
but you know laaaa…this is malaysia maaaa
semua boleh kautim…
if nothing happen everybody buat bodoh laaa,
if something happen then blame this, blame that
and give stupid excuses…haha
then after 2-3 months, everybody forgets and
things back to normal…

Oooo… we got good story now. That one probably didn’t cross my mind. Mind sharing?

Well, they have published an online copy of the track layout isn’t it? If I’m so cheeky, I can load it into JOSM and trace them out. What copyright issue?! :stuck_out_tongue:

You can refer JUPEM FAQ site: https://www.jupem.gov.my/v1/my/soalan-lazim/

Copyright issue?..haha…of course OSM site say cannot copy…policy is clear - whiter than white…
tapi cakap saje laaa…
mana takde data yg tulen…tanpa ciplak?
look at the current underground SMART tunnel,
who enter the data? what is the source? is it correct?
faham faham saje laaa bro :slight_smile: