known problems with time lags/freezing ID Editor under Win/Firefox ?

I am experiencing regular freezing and time lag for about 5 seconds while editing with integrated ID editor under Firefox v. 40/ Win 7 ( and still after Update to Win 10), mostly after zooming or shifting the map. Internet connection is broadband, so there is no problem. There seems to be always a writing access to HD during the freezing period → some problem wih caching map data?
The problem does not appear with MS edge Browser.

Is this a known problem? Any advice other than using edge browser?
tx. Andreas

after some weeks of problems, today works fine…

Is this related to the number of entries ID creates in the history and Firefox may not cope with the History indexing correctly? I had 96,000 OSM entries in history and found I had to delete them in 20,000 groups to avoid FF crashing