Keys / tags written whole in Caps or in 'proper' when small is the only thing accepted

Time and again tags make it into the ‘new keys’ list because the first letter or the whole key is written in Caps. An example below of yesterdays entries


Done it myself by actually setting up a custom parking preset with Fee instead of fee and so stumbled on that this morning.

Question is, is it absolute keys/tags are in small and if so would an automated check / convert to small in ID Editor and JOSM to name a few, even just a validation alert pre-upload be hard to implement and of benefit, at least this is truly one of the daily fixes the repair crew is occupied with and feels low a low hanging fruit.

What you say?

To clarify terminology:
Uppercase are the large versions of letters ABC…
Lowercase are the small versions of letters abc…
Titlecase is a Way of Formatting Something that Capitalizes All Words (Except Connectors, OftenWrittenWithoutBreaks)
snake_case is a way of formatting where everything is lowercase connected by underscores.

In my view, tags are in british english, snake_case, with : as namespace indicator. I am not aware of anything that prescribes this. The technical limitations do not impose such a limit (allowing any Unicode string of at most 255 characters)

I did somewhat enforce this view in my GTFS tagging proposal, where a value becomes part of a key and in the process should be lowercased. For example: a relation with gtfs:feed=DE-NW-VRR can have elements with gtfs:stop_id:de-nw-vrr=*.

Can we ask the editors to check if a key has less than 100 uses in taginfo? That should not be an indication that a key should not be used, but as an extra check if there were no misspellings.

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This should be relatively easy. At least for spaces and uppercase ASCII

I would encourage you to create issue report for relevant editors if this is are not proposed already. And not implemented already.

Although most keys are fully lowercase, there are plenty including uppercase letters with significant usage as well. Some examples:

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OK, so that check would then have to be ltd to the first word and if it has a colon included, before the first colon, but then I frequently type tags like the 3 part parking:left:orientatation or parking:right:restriction=no_parking

At any case thanks for pointing out the fly in the soup to ponder on.

Sorry to put more flies in the soup, but…

Many of these examples are from imports and it could be decided that they should be all lowercase and changed with a bot edit. They do exist in the database currently though.