Key:emergency - documentation restructuring

The key emergency=* is used for 3 different things: :frowning:
-as access-restriction (e.g.: emergency=yes/no)
-to indicate that a hospital has an emergency room (e.g.: emergency=yes/no)
-for emergency facilities (e.g.: emergency=fire_hydrant/aed/…)

Due to this fact I would like to restructure the Key:emergency page ( to an disambigation page which links to
-a new page filled with Template:Map Features:emergency

Is there anything to be said against this restructuring?

Ultimately it would be better to use 3 different keys for this - e.g. emergency_vehicle for the access class and emergency_room for the hospital attribute. But that’s a major task and improving the documentation is probably a more feasible short-term solution.

Edit: It would be a good idea though to leave the KeyDescription with the current description in place, even though disambiguation pages normally don’t have it.