Kevinajames95 currently mangling tags along Route 66 (and bannered routes elsewhere)

Just a heads up for folks working on Route 66, check your area. Kevinajames95 appears to be making mass edits along 66 incorrectly modifying name and ref values en masse while being unresponsive to comments and messages.

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have you wrote to DWG?


Moved this at the request of another community member to the United States forum because it specifically concerns that country. Added tags “route” and “mass-edits” to qualify this thread.

I can’t seem to find a user named Kevinajames95. Would you happen to have a changeset ID that could be used to look up the metadata?

I placed a comment on this editor’s most recent changeset:

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If you haven’t already, send an email to describing the issue. It helps to provide a brief historical narrative, starting when you first noticed the problem, with links to relevant changesets.

The good news is that route relations appear unaffected. So any damage will only affect those who ignore them :wink:.


Still a lot of wasted effort to make it compliant with “don’t abbreviate” and “don’t put ref in name” all over again…from someone with a long history of getting blocked for negative value edits like this…

So, took me the better part of two hours to clean up Route 66 in Oklahoma. I expect everything between Oklahoma State and Los Angeles County should be fairly straightforward since it’s mostly desert or small towns that depend on the tourism still.

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I’ve blocked Kevin and invited him here to discuss. In the meantime, are there folks here that are able to undo any malfeasance or do we need a mass revert?

Thanks. I managed to already get it in Oklahoma (and was able to clean up some other bitrot that accumulated).

I should make it clear, I’m not suggesting malice a forethought so much as being a little too persistent on a course of action that probably should be done as a stylesheet in their favorite data processor.

I should clarify I’m unclear if the other route 66 states were checked by other people and that I have not done so myself.

I updated some business route tags in SD that were abbreviated, so this wasn’t limited to old 66.

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Apologies all, I was looking at this since there’s very similar edits going on again (jakTTU2020 | OpenStreetMap) and accidentally deleted my last post on the topic because my touchpad is too sensitive.

Could you comment on a few changesets where this is an issue? Direct the editor here for discussion. Thanks!


Done! Changeset: 151975652 | OpenStreetMap

95% sure it’s the same user (see bios and username similarities).

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