Kerosene as fuel in a pipeline, which tag to use?

The Central European Pipeline System is a military pipeline network for jet fuel (so kerosene). The tag substance is used inconsistently, some pipelines are tagged with substance=fuel and others with substance=kerosene, while all pipelines transport the same substance.

Which value would be better to use? The tag substance=kerosene has a major disadvantage that it’s not shown on Open Infrastructure Map, which is the only map I know of that renders pipelines.

According to the wiki substance=fuel can be further detailed with the key fuel. However on the page the needed tag fuel:kerosene=yes isn’t described.

After some extra research I found that the fuel type used is Jet A-1. This fuel type has a documented tag: fuel:JetA1=yes.

So I think the correct tagging would be:

  • substance=fuel
  • fuel:JetA1=yes

I’d suggest asking Russ who runs OpenInfraMap. I know he’s spent time mapping the equivalent network in the UK

Sorry for this off-topic but related comment… I have map several pipelines in Mexico. And is always quite frustrating that they are not rendered in the standard OSM layer

There are plenty of options for displaying things like this - Overpass Turbo is an easy one (see e.g. You can make the tags that you are looking for as broad or as narrow as you like.

Also, I’m sure there are other maps that show pipelines (albeit not in as much detail as Open Infrastructure Map) - the map style I look after for the UK and Ireland is one example: I’m sure there are others.