Kendzi 3D


You can download and test JOSM PlugIn Kendzi3D.

This plugIn is in developing and supports roof typology including dormers from:

and 3D tree geometry from:

Last night Kendzi 3D get two improvments.
First one is an option to deactivate autostart of plugin. This are a verry good option for all mappers that not use the plugin all time and only want to test sometime 3D tagging.
The secound improvment is a wiki page for textures In future there can be stored textures wich can be easy downloaded to the plugin. So we hope for more people wich want to share there textures.
At the moment it is not well documented, because this is for testing in the moment.

Great, I thought on something similar :slight_smile: But I’m still not sure if this is a good way, as this has to be very general textures and it’s difficult to store informations for projection/mapping, reflections etc. I had no good idea how this can be solved (esp. if I look at my upcomming open3dmap repository), so please let’s take care that this doesn’t get to big before we do the 3D developer workshop :slight_smile:

Idea with wiki page comes from Viw.

For now treat this more like a way to configure my plugin then database with textures. I think now the biggest problem is that we don’t have free textures and models which can be used.

In future we still need some more general database/storage for textures and models.

I added some description on wiki how to use this page. Feel free to add textures :slight_smile:

the download link for josm is broken.

Now it should work.

The links to the texture image files appear to be broken. I’m not sure I understand how I should upload new textures and/or where I should put them. or

Well I think we will migrate to a page with a template, to make editing for users and parsing for tools more easy. But this will take some time…

If you referring to page:

You can upload files anywhere on net and simply add url to column “file url”. You can upload them even to wiki and add direct url. Using option “Load textures from wiki “ plugin upload file from given url to local file with name taken from column “File key”. This file will be stored in local directory $JOSM_WORK_DIR/plugins/kendzi3d/textures .
For all files and configuration downloaded from this wiki page well be created configuration file named .

I fixed broken link.

I added possibility to assign different textures to building material.

So displayed material texture is chosen randomly from texture set. I added some textures from wiki. You can test new textures by you own. To do that use option “Download form wiki”. After using that it well be created file:


You can put new textures to directory:


And add them to file textureLibraryWiki.xml. After using option “Clean up” in JOSM menu, textures added by you should appear in plugin.

when i install Kendzi3D and restart josm show me this error message
on ubuntu 16.04

Looks, plugin “kendzi3d_Improved_by_Andrei” is outdated. Contact the autor or install regular version of plugin “kendzi3d”. I made there lot of improvements.

I removed “kendzi3d_Improved_by_Andrei” and install “kendzi3d” but stile there error

Dear Kendzi,
please go in touch with user Cetusek from Poland. He made an refreshment of CAD Tools PlugIn, made by the same group of my students from Brasov in Romania.
For Andrei this Job was a bachelor project. Now he is working on master and has no time.

I believe, you can find the source code in his github.


Sure you have selected the log4j-Plugin? See in JOSM-Plugins (F12) and search “log4”. Maybe it’s deselected? Or is it missing?

yes I’m sure selected the log4j-Plugin

Please run JOSM from command line witch command:
java -jar josm-tested.jar
Then copy paste the error message from console. Some details

I guess the problem is with outdated ejml version used by geotools:

You may try to uninstall and check.

It is working now thanks
after uninstall

I’ve also been experiencing this issue on Windows, even after clearing the Java cache, removing the JOSM data folder and re-installing JOSM without enabling any other plugins than Kendzi3D and its prerequisites. However, this error appears only when launching JOSM via the Web Start .jnlp or the Start Menu shortcut. The plugin is able to load when JOSM is launched from the josm-tested.jar file.