Kefalonia Municipality

I think that relation for Δήμος Κεφαλληνίας is no more valid. I think it was divided to 3 smaller municipalities in 2019 ( But I’m not Greek and I don’t have local knowledge to put it correct. Could you adjust the admin_level=7 boundaries?

And I think that Δήμος Καλαμπάκας have name Δήμος Μετεώρων now. And maybe the wikidata should be changed to

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I will look into them soon. Wikidata aswell (I’ve wasted a lot of time there lately ?)
Same thing is underway at Corfu. It takes time because the borders don’t exist on OSM already and they aren’t that easy to draw, aka a lot of curves

Thanks a lot @jimkats !

Just completed the addition of the newer municipalities, in both islands.