keepright now working for Australia

With the help from the keepright creator I have been able to get one up and running for australia.

As it previously only covered Europe you may not have seen it before but will show many map problems like nodes close but not connected, one way streets the go nowhere, non closed areas, and many others.
Not all the checks listed are running yet but hopefully soon.


thanks , I’ve fixed up some ways local to me…

Anyone knows how to overlay an image over openstreetmap so that one can use the overlay image to draw in new roads and buildings.

Yes, someone must surely know. :slight_smile:

However, what’s more important is whether you’re allowed to use the overlay to add to OSM. Do you have permission to use it, or is it already under a compatible license?

I found many ways near me that are not joined when I thought I doing a good job, also explained why the routing took me strange ways home

probably better creating another thread for this , but JOSM can do this …

Keepright does not appear to be working anymore.
Hmmm… about one year on - maybe something has expired?

Working again now - HURRAH!