Keeping an eye on the map

This is a request to all mappers to keep an eye on the areas that they are familiar with on the public map - If things are not as they were, it should be due to improvements, not losses of data.

Examples - in the past year or so the Hyderabad city node has vanished twice, and has had to be replaced. I’ve just noticed that Vadodara too had vanished from the public map, and found that while the node was still there, complete with most tags, that the ‘place=city’ had been missing for some months, thus making it invisible. These appear to be all due to errors, not vandalism, but of course at any scale it makes OSM look unprofessional. Especially so when they are large cities like these two, but at any scale there should be certain key sites visible.

I feel someone has been deleting the ‘woodland’/‘forest’ tags. Especially around Junnar/Bhandardara etc. Most of this region is forested. Of course there is a lot of farmland as well, but most of this region is forested.

You can see from the half rendered tiles at various soon levels. maybe I am mistaken. Can someone tell?

You could try Owl - but I’ve not got anything out of it yet.

There were unusual numbers of editors working on India last week according to OSM stats, but they did not add many nodes.

It was this woodland.

Now the city of Chennai has vanished! This seems to have been some time ago by the look of things, because it cannot be seen at any resolution. I can’t find it, and because I’m not sure where the original was exactly it is difficult to find the area history and figure out how it happened. The history of a congested city centre is complicated.

I’ve replaced it with a basic place=city/ name =Chennai node. But ideally we would find the original and revert its undeletion / change, since it will have a load of other useful information on it (names in other scripts, population, et.c.). If anyone knows how to retrieve it, that would be useful.

I’ve located the deletion and replaced the node and the tags (though not all the relation links for the city node). A new user seems to have been experimenting. It would be useful if anyone with knowledge of Chennai near the beach looked at his/her work, some of it looks dubious.

Now someone has deleted Chikmagalur. How does one revert?

No, the town is still there (Chikkamagaluru, the standard Kannada name), I can’t see a deletion or anything in its history.

The forest polygon that overlays this area needs to be adjusted, the place is actually surrounded mostly by farmland as one would expect.

I’ve adjusted the name:alt value to ‘Chikmagalur’.

Oh! In the morning when I searched, I got the error ‘Node doesn’t exist anymore’.


Just unclassified a bunch of local roads in Chikkamagaluru that were tagged tertiary. Also any clue if this is actually a reservoir, looks like it used to be an airstrip?

Noticed that User Android team has added more than 3k Mysuru=Mysuru tags in and around Mysuru few weeks back.

This one’s the huge mechanical edit - this changeset is now reverted. :slight_smile:

In response to PlaneMad’s query of 21st August

‘Also any clue if this is actually a reservoir, looks like it used to be an airstrip? … 0&layers=N’

See this NEWS9 broadcast video on Youtube . The geographic coordinates of the airstrip can be seen on a signpost in the video. I’ve therefore marked it as such and changed the area tag for the surround area from wetland to grass, though the land might possibly also flood at times from what seems to be a stream that can be seen on the south side.


is there somebody they can take care about this guy:
around 850 changesets of invented data. He invents airport/railway stations/ big roads/shops and so on.
I dont speak Hindi maybe somebody from India can take care and tell him that he destroy the Indian Navigation Maps. I wrote him many times in English without any result.

Best regards

Thanks for doing that, but can I possibly suggesting using changeset discussion comments rather than OSM messages to do that? They’re public rather than private, which means that other people will know that there’s a problem and can act accordingly.

(my apologies if you have been using changeset discussion comments to communicate - I had a look back through the last 14 days and didn’t notice one)

Yes you are right but I see no other way.
first block from dwg, but this time I can not reach anybody:
some changeset comments from me and others
there are many more but mor then a month ago

Best regards

Are any changesets pending revert? If you see any problems in the future, please let do the DWG know.

I deleted a lot of wrong things. But nothing in the last 14 days.
I wrote on 2. November to this adress:
Without any answer. Was this the wrong adress?