Kalk Bay, Fish Hoek (Cape Town)

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the DWG has received the following from a resident of Kalk Bay (slightly edited for privacy):

Your map for Kalk Bay, South Africa insists that Kalk Bay is part of Fish Hoek, and in fact it lists my location as Fish Hoek instead of Kalk Bay. Kalk Bay is a suburb of Cape Town, as is Fish Hoek. Historically Fish Hoek had its own municipality as did Kalk Bay. They are separate suburbs of Cape Town and neither one is subject to the others jurisdiction . Kalk Bay and Fish Hoek are in fact separated by another suburb, named Clovelly. Can you fix this issue?

I assume the problem might be that these suburbs are only mapped as nodes, or at least some of them are. Maybe there’s something that can be done about this? Anyway I’ll tell the complainant that I have forwarded the message to the community and we’ll see what we can do :wink:


Actually Fish Hoek is mapped as a relation while Kalk Bay doesn’t exist at all other than as the name of a railway station.

Nomination doesn’t seem to include Fish Hoek in the address of that station though because it’s outside the boundary.

I think we need to know what site the user is talking about because it may be that site which has done the association.

User mentioned using us through some weather site. Fellow DWGer @SomeoneElse has asked them to confirm the problem lies with OSM not weather site.

No Kalk Bay on OpenStreetMap
City of Cape Town official suburbs here [ → Official Planning Suburbs ]

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