Just Started Looking!

Just started investigating this site, which looks very useful.
Initial question:-
I would like to download map of Faroe Isles to my Garmin 2567 Sat Nav.
Is this possible/how?
Is it legal?

Sure. 110% legal. Premade maps downloads available here, or tools for building yourself here.

Thanks but it looks a tad complicated.
My idea is to download the Faroe Islands Map to Computer & then onto my Garmin 2567
Is this possible & ideas how?

It’s complicated because there is no single authoritative map. Many different people design and regularly publish Garmin-comptible maps using OSM data, in many different styles, with different features, covering different areas. You can read more about that process in muralito’s second link.

If you don’t have the time or inclination to research making your own, just look at muralito’s first link and find people who are publishing maps of Denmark. Download them and try them out. (You probably won’t find any maps covering only the Faroe Islands – though of course you can create your own.)

I’m not familiar with the Garmin 2567 but probably you’d just need to copy the downloaded map file to a SD card and put it in the GPS. It might need to be in a particular directory or named a particular way for the Garmin to see it. And it might require some messing around in the device settings before it will start using the new map. But this is a feature explicitly supported by Garmin, and Garmin’s documentation should describe the process.

Just out of curiosity – does Garmin’s included map on the 2567 neglect the Faroes?

Many thanks.
Yes the Garmin map of Europe on the devise, & I think on other types does not include Faroe Isles.
I’ve also checked on Denmark on the devise & Faroes is also not included there!

Check out the premade Iceland section on http://garmin.openstreetmap.nl/ it includes the Faroe Islands.

Thanks for all of the help but I’m lost on this.
I need somebody to sit with me to understand the total principle of Open Maps.
Also I’m not getting e mails to say I have had replies to this post, even though I’ve subscribed to it.
Think I will just have to forget the whole thing, which is sad, because it would have been nice to have some decent mails on my computer, even if I can’t get them onto the Gargin Sat Nav.
I’ll still keep subscribed in case I get replies & I will look into the forum to check as well.
Many thanks – Old Boy

All I can advise you is to try downloading some of the maps from https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/OSM_Map_On_Garmin/Download and try to put them on the Garmin. If you’re having trouble, maybe contact Garmin for support. They intentionally designed their equipment to be compatible with 3rd-party maps and they should be able to help.

Garmin should be able to help but will not give you any advice about OSM maps.
Download this map: osm_generic_new_gmapsupp.zip from this link
Unpack it and rename gmapsupp.img to iceland.img
Copy this file to the map directory on your device.