Just asking about the recent Classification reverts

I am not posting here to argue with the community or anything like that

When I changed the classifications, because I done them by hand in ID I am just concerned about the improvements I made like lining the roads with with imagery, improved corners/intersections, routing fixes a lot of pain staking tasks they I did as part of changing the classifications to every single road.

I would just like to ask if they all got reverted as well or if it is only the classifications.



Anything I’ve changed has been done by hand and would have only been the classifications, I didn’t want to do any automatic reversions for this exact reason, plus it still should be manually checked, since there’s definitely some that I think the changes are actually more appropriate and have left.

Can’t comment for anyone else if they’ve changed anything, and if you do see any that you do disagree with, I’m happy to discuss those on a case by case basis.

no im fine with community consensus, thats is all I was worried about. I spent hours on these roads. I have noticed a couple of roads and roundabouts with missed parts And also that it wasnt even a import and even if it is there is a documented discussion about it. But given the policy placed solely on my edits I am not fighting anything. thanks for letting me know about the details of the revert its volunteer work afterall and only meant good faith.