Junction Priority

I’ve been thinking recently about junction priorities (yes, it’s a slow day)

I do a lot of rural back-roads mapping. Often, the road name on a given road will change at a junction where there is a turning.

This ideally, results in a way running, for example, north-south with differing tags for name along it’s length (it’s one contiguous road in RL, after all) with a way attached at one node labelled something else (the side turning in RL).

However, it ends up as three ways - one running north-centre called, for example, “Vulcan Road North”. One running centre-south called “Vulcan Road South” and one centre-east called “ACME Lane”.

My point is that we surely need some way of indicating where the priority for traffic is - we don’t want future sat-nav units constantly directing people to go straight on/turn left whatever when they’re staying on the road. it’s annoying in TomTom, and that only does it maybe 1 in 10 rural junctions.

Am I missing something here or is the ability to mark this (important IMHO) feature of junctions simply missing? Should I use some sort of relation to link the two ways of the through road?

I’vee seen that too, I have no solution… :wink: I saw it in an old route planning software, so the problem is probably an old one.

As far as i know, there is no solution now. But i think it could be done with Relations resembling to this: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/index.php/Relation:restriction