Judea and Samaria duplicate

We have two relations called " Judea and Samaria"

https://www.openstreetmap.org/relation/1803010 - This one excludes the East Jerusalem

https://www.openstreetmap.org/relation/1613659 - This one includes East Jerusalem

I propose we rename 1613659 into “west bank”.

Israel is divided into 7 legal districts. One of them is Jerusalem District, one of them is Judea and Samaria. East Jerusalem is part of the Jerusalem District, so Judea and Samaria should not include East Jerusalem.

Furthermore, according to Wikipedia " Judea and Samaria is the Israeli government term for the territory generally referred to as the West Bank, but excluding East Jerusalem".

It is possible that the other relation is based on the district definitions of the Palestinian Authority…

1803010 is definitely the Israeli district (boundary tags, no overlap with other districts, etc).

Geographically, Relation 1613659 appears to be quite literally the West Bank, and I don’t think the PA uses the term “Judea and Samaria” at all. If that’s their district definition, they’d approve of this change, I think.