Hello. After finally managing to create multipolygons, I am still getting the following message while uploading. Any idea how to crack this?

That’s a terrible error. It is produced on the OSM server, not in JOSM!
It means: you deleted a node. A different user made some changes which involved that node, and submitted his changes to the server before you submitted your changes - or the actions took place the other way round, I am not sure. And now there is a mismatch.
I had to resolve that just a few days ago:

  • Save your data into an *.osm file, and make a copy of it (if something might go wrong in the following steps…).
  • Open that file with a text editor (e.g. Notepad, I prefer Notepad++, but virtually any editor will do).
  • search for all occurences of the corresponding node (1849232756) and delete the whole line.
  • save the file, and then open it in JOSM and try again
    If you have bad luck, you must repeat that several times with other node ids.

The lines to be deleted look similar to:


A cleaner solution would be to use “Update changed Objects” (text may differ since I’m using a non-english loacle, it’s in the “File”-Menu) and JOSM’s Conflict-Resolver. Remeber to recheck the affected data in both cases!

thanks guys. let me try this second option first.

Uploading created further problems after deleting the problem node lines.

I went back to Potlatch and saw all the nodes seem to have been uploaded without the way.
If there is some kind soul who can help fix this, I am attaching the download link to the OSM file:

I’ve uploaded the data. Could you please take a look at them again, and verify them?

Excellent! Thanks a lot! I added the natural=water and name=Nira Deoghar tags. Thanks again!

After a very productive iD editing session, I got this error:

Errors occurred while trying to save
Precondition failed: Way -63 requires the nodes with id in 11365414266,11365414267,11365414268,11365430969,11365430970,11365430971,11365430972,11365430973,11365430974,11365430975,11365430976,11365430995,11367299006,11367299007, which either do not exist, or are not visible.

I was able to download a file named changes.osc, but editing it looks like a daunting task… and even if I can successfully edit it, I don’t know how to re-upload it to the iD editor.

Any advice as to how I can avoid losing the edits I made?

Hello @gpspilot1 . I think you should make a new post in Help and support. You have a good chance of success there. I do not know how to but I am sure it can be done.

Ok, thanks, I did.

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