JOSM will not connect to the server OSX Java8

JOSM will not connect to the server

JOSM app, version 8491
Java 8 build 51
OS X Yosemite
Macbook Pro
No poxy servers set in System Preferences

I can test access the OpenStreetMap API in Chrome and Firefox and see xml:
And here with a secure connection:

In JOSM I have

  • chosen the JOSM menu (top left)
  • chosen ‘preferences…’
  • on the icons running down the side, I’ve chosen the second one which looks like a globe
  • checked 'Use the default OSM server URL (
  • I’ve entered my OSM username and password.

I forgot to mention via email that you can also try to contact the developers via a ticket system:

(SReed asked this question first on the talk mailing list, but nobody replied, so I asked her to come to this forum)

The situation has been solved by changing Advanced Settings. Found two instances of ipv6. I changed both to False. One was True, the other Auto.

Ran into this today and asked about it on OSM Help:
Seems like a real bug, at least on some platforms.

For the record, looks like there’s a closed ticket for this: Will add my input there to see if this can be resolved.