JOSM versions?

Yesterday I updated JOSM and today I updated it again. It still says “You should update!” and “Active version ‘4272’ should be updated! The current stable snapshot is 4279 and 4279 is the unstable development version”.

I checked Help/About and I am indeed running the latest version 4279. Questions:

  1. Why does JOSM think 4272 would be the “active” version?

  2. How come 4279 is both “stable” and “unstable”? :slight_smile:

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I did not ask for a generic description of JOSM release strategy. I had more specific questions.

Why did one particular JOSM version (4279) fail to identify itself as the latest version during its first day?
(It seems to work fine now that the next “unstable” version 4280 has been released.)


As far as I know a stable version is always “tagged” by one of the developers (“by hand”)
whereas the unstable/latest versions are “tagged” by the nightly build script (“automatically”).
If there’s no commit(s) of new code since the nightly you’ll get a stable and a unstable on the same day.