JOSM: Version mismatch error

When I try to upload my changes a message appears: “Version mismatch: Provided 3, server had: 5 of Way”

I guess this is when someone else changed the same way as I did between download and upload. How do I handle that now? How can I still upload the other changes I’ve done or resolve the conflict by updating the way to the latest version in JOSM?


In the meanwhile I tried to

  • Update Data
  • Resolve Conflict
    but it did not help so far. The resolve conflict dialog is empty, no tags displayed. Any idea?

Nevermind I found a solution:

I had to add an additional tag to the way, then resolve conflict showed the new tag and I could resolve. Then the upload worked. But afterwards I had to revert the way in Potlach to the old version because josm did not update to the new version correctly.

Try using the newest (as of this moment) version 1567, since there have been some crucial conflict resolution bugfixes in 1561 and 1567.