JOSM Validator - odd warning?

Did a search on “JOSM validator” and variations but got nothing - at least, not in English, anyway - but apols if this has been raised in a previous thread.

Going through and fixing validator warnings before upload yesterday I got a strange misspelt property value:-

Now, obviously “1939” looks nothing like “1895” so I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on it? The tagged start dates are the actual start date years for the features so tagged so they’re not “misspelt,” either. Identical features tagged with start years previously have thrown up no warning on upload so could it be a bug in the current JOSM version (version 14620 in this case).

Also, are there any other “weird” and seemingly inexplicable results that have been observed previosuly that I might want to watch out for and thus discount/ignore…?

This is a false positive caused by a recent change and a fix is work in progress. See for more detais.

A-ha!! Thanks. I did wonder if it might not be a bug of some sort. I also thought it mildly amusing for some reason…