JOSM: Two times josm installed, W7, deinstall?

I just looked in my program corner, configuration screen, windows 7.
And what I saw:

Josm 7347, The openstreetmap developer community, 29-07-2014
Josm 8279, Openstreetmap JOSM team, 27-04-2015

Now can I deinstall 7347?

Does this give problems?

I think you can uninstall that old version …

personally I prefer downloading the JOSM jar file (stable or latest) directly to Windows desktop and just doubleclicking it … no need to install / uninstall when update available.

If I want to uninstall the 7347 version, the screen says uninstall 8279, so I abort it.
Could it be something with the name change and a registry problem.