JOSM:This is after the end of the recording

Hi all

I’m using an old HTC TouchPro phone and OSMTracker to record tracks, before editing them in JOSM.

The phone doesn’t get used for anything else, and doesn’t have a sim card in it, and so I usually have to reset the clock when I switch it on to go out mapping. The last couple of times, when I’ve uploaded the wp.gpx and tp.gpx files, it all looked ok, but clicking on any of the audio clips past the first couple resulted in the message “This is after the end of the recording”, twice.

If I edit the time stamp of the clip in question in the wp.gpx file to match, say, the first clip, which played ok, then this clip plays too, although I still get the warning. The first time this happened, I thought I’d just set the phone’s clock to the wrong time zone, but this time I definitely got it right, and the timestamps (and filenames) of the audio clips are within the timestamps of the tp.gpx timestamps.

So my question is, how does JOSM calculate the time of the audio clip, and of the recording in total?

Here are the first and last few tp.gpx lines:



and here are the first few wp.gpx entries:


The first clip, at 08:26:44 plays ok, the other two (and all subsequent ones) don’t.

I’d appreciate any assistance anyone could offer.

Many thanks


This might be the same problem I reported here:
which seems to be caused by a bug, reported here: