JOSM: switch between two websites easily

So I like both OSM and OpenGeofiction (OGF), another website running OSM software. I’ve decided to go to OGF to gain more experience with OSM in general and since I feel like mapping out my local area through surveys would get me doxxed.

How do I easily switch between an OGF configuration and an OSM configuration? I feel that it is too cumbersome to manually update the authentication settings.


You can have two different JOSM home directories, each with its own config files. You will need to make two batch files (Windows), each should contain one line like
java -Djosm.home=\path\to\JOSM_OSM_HOME_DIR josm-tested.jar


java -Djosm.home=\path\to\JOSM_OGF_HOME_DIR josm-tested.jar