JOSM style -> OpenStreetBrowser

Is there an easy way to convert a JOSM rendering style into an OpenStreetBrowser layer or would that be a manual rewrite of the style?

Likely not an answer to you query, but I expect you would need to create a new style replicating the standard layer on osm.
In Josm the nearest to visualising a map like the standard osm layer would be to select Josm and Mapnik (true) style.
It has been suggested to me that it would be a big task to replicate to standard layer and keep it current as a style in Josm.

My query is about a data layer on top of the map tile background. This is possible in JOSM and OSB and my question is if it can be somehow converted. Specifically, I’d like to have the Street Parking style available in browser.

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Mentioning expert @skunk :blush:

As developer of OpenStreetBrowser I’m the person to ask, that’s right :slight_smile:

I guess there’s not an easy way to convert a style. To build a converter might be an interesting challenge …

About parking lanes: I tried to create a Lanes-Category once, which also includes parking lanes. It’s not finished, but available in my test-repository. The direct link: OpenStreetBrowser/Lanes in plepe/test.

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I created Github issues:


My first attempt at the parking lanes (it’s on a development branch): OpenStreetBrowser

  • the old tagging scheme is not supported yet
  • no translation (showing only the real values)
  • colors might not be optimal
  • ‘separate’ icon missing in info tab
  • Details (restrictions, …) not shown in popup

What do you think of this?

Here’s the source code: openstreetbrowser-categories-main/parking_lanes.yaml at parking-lanes · plepe/openstreetbrowser-categories-main · GitHub

About the colours and the symbols: do you have a suggestions for improvements? You could create a custom category by cloning the category. On the bottom of the code you will find the colour assignments. If you have a scheme with which you are happy with, you can copy&paste the link to your custom category. More about custom categories in my short introduction video: Custom Categories | OpenStreetBrowser - YouTube (cloning categories at 1:24).

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The style now also supports the deprecated tagging (with a red line in the street center; it also shows a warning in the popup).

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Sorry for not giving feedback earlier. I also didn’t have time yet to play around with the code myself, so here just a few suggestions/observations:

  • I’d like the colours of parking conditions to match the JOSM style (but as you have stated, I could easily change that myself)
  • Colouring of restrictions doesn’t seem to work (or not always). See this example where the right side should be red (or this one)