Josm: Split polygon function?

Hi, is there a easy/comfortable way in Josm to split a polygon into two independet polygons (preferably without sharing nodes along their shared border)? What I want to do: I stumbled across a few not-that-good digitized forests, which are in fact independant forests with farmlands inbetween, so I want to split them and move the sharing borders to the border of the forest (the rest of the border is not that bad, probably edited earlier).

I know, I can do it with splitting the way at two nodes, unsharing these nodes and combining the two ways to two polygons, but I think of some GIS-functionality that I can draw just a line over the polygon and it gets splitted along this; or I select two nodes and with a magic shortcut it splits the polygon into two at this two nodes (similar to Merkaartor).

Thanks for your help…

You can try the “terracer” plugin…it is specifically meant to split housing blocks into separate units, but might be able to split a polygon in two as well (I did not test this).

or the utilplugin2?

Yes, I would also recommend the utilsplugin2, see

It has a “split area” tool. Split nodes will afaik be shared, but can of course be “unglued” afterwards.

Thanks a lot, I will try this next time. That day I did it the old way, but I stumbled upon this task quite several times. - And of course, there are many other useful situations, where it would be necessary, that the nodes would be shared, so that is ok.

I know this is an old discussion, but my issue has to do with splitting polygons in JOSM.
In the past I have used the, however on a new computer none of the functionality is available after downloading and updating plugins.
Is this a bug with JOSM? the Plugin? the Windows OS?

@Palolo: it still works for me on the latest stable JOSM + OSX. Can’t help you with windows.

p.s. I think It would have been better if you had started a new thread.