JOSM: Searching for the end node of a no exit road


I have made several no exit roads, and will like to add to the way’s end node a noexit=yes tag. I would like to select all these nodes with JOSM Search. I tried with no success the closest I got was this expression:

 inview type:node ways:1 child highway=residential  

I would appreciate your help! :slight_smile:


Switch the search syntax to “mapCSS selector” and then you can use this:

way[highway] >[index=1] node!:connection:in-downloaded-area, way[highway] >[index=-1] node!:connection:in-downloaded-area

However this selects also nodes outside the current view! So before the search you could select the wanted area with a rectangle and then use “find in selection” for the search.

Hi Klumbumbus,

Thank you for helping me.